The term UX stands for ‘user experience’ and UI stands for ‘user interface’. Both of them are important to a product's success and work in tandem.Basically, UX design aids users in completing essential job functions across systems and technologies and UI designconsists of engaging and visually appealing displays for interactivity. UX and UI designers work in almost the same industry and on the similar tasks, but at different growth stages, they use different abilities.

he overall goal of UX design is to provide users with simple, quick, meaningful, and overall enjoyable experiences.

The practise of user interface design is completely online. It takes into account all of a product's visual and interaction aspects, including as controls, logos, spaces, font, colour palette, and interface web.

UI and UX are nothing but the technique by which people engage with any mobile application.

Things to take into consideration before creating a mobile app:
  • Easy navigation through Informative Architecture.
  • Creation of Interaction Design.
  • Making a wireframe for testing purpose.
  • Creating attractive visual designs.
  • Designs that grab the attention of users.

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