Magazine Design

A magazine is a compilation of news, tales, pictures, and frequently advertising wedged between the front and back pages that grab the reader's interest.Magazines were once only available in print, but they may now be electronic books as well.They're issued on a regular basis, such as monthly, weekly, or quarterly.

Putting together a magazine is a massive effort.Designing a magazine involves a wide range of graphic design abilities. The magazine page layout should be appealing, with logical fonts, relatable visuals and captions.

Key elements of a magazine:

  • Name of the publication.
  • The publication's date, month, year, and issue number.
  • The magazine cover's primary image.
  • The main topic of a magazine.
  • The back-up cover lines.

Forbes India, India Today, Pratiyogita Darpan, and Business India are some of theworld class magazines today. With us your magazines can also climb to that level. For you, Virtual Real Design creates stunning magazine designs that are available in multiple languages like Hindi, English, Spanish, French, German and many more. We adhere to all of the golden principles of magazine design. Every publisher today wants his or her magazine to be liked by all of his or her readers, and VRD is here to assist, and design for you. We have world’s best designers to help you out. We make corporate magazines, business magazines, family magazines, fun magazines, and many more.


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