Responsive Web Design

Everyone nowadays wants a website that runs on mobile, desktop, Android, iOS, and othertechnologies. Then how to make a single website compatible with other platforms? Come let’s discuss it!!

What is Responsive Web Design?

Through use of HTML and CSS to automatically resize, hide, compress, or expand a website to make it seem excellent on all platforms (computers, iPads, and smartphones) is known as responsive web design.

A responsive web design adjusts to changing screen sizes automatically and makes it a mobile-friendly website. Images that adjust well enough to fit any browser window are known as responsive images.

VRD allows you to provide alternative layouts of your content and design to multiple platforms according to screen size.

Virtual Real Design uses the same HTML to all devices, to change the appearance of the page via CSS (which affects the layout of the webpage). Instead of building separate sites and code bases for big displays, computers, laptops, iPad, and phones of all sizes, a single code base can serve users with varying viewport sizes.

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